About Us

Why do we need alternatives to the standard law firm?

More and more people are finding that when they need legal help or advice – or they think they do, they are confronted with the realization that those services are beyond their economic reach.  In addition to that, they find that many firms practice “cookie cutter” representation.  If your situation is unique or more complicated than most the costs skyrocket.  Many times people abandon their rights and walk away from valid legal claims merely because they simply cannot afford it.  Others have decided to pursue the matter themselves and enter the world of Pro se litigation – only to find that the “system” isn’t an easy one to maneuver and they are confronted with the difficulties of trying to find the information they need in order to represent themselves.  An underground cottage industry has even cropped up with non-lawyers taking on the task of writing briefs and motions for the pro se litigant even though they don’t have a license to practice law.

Our Story

Stafne Law Firm was born and has watched the evolution of the practice of law and the changes in our judicial system.  More and more it became evident that the odds were being stacked against the average person and that those entities who have power and money were given an advantage.  This became more and more evident with the economic crash of 2008 and the foreclosure crisis which led to millions of people being ejected from their homes by corrupt banks and their lawyers.  Hard working people found that the programs put into place to “help” them actually accelerated, in many cases, the taking of their homes.  Seeking relief they would contact their lenders and then told that until they missed 3 payments they couldn’t help them.  In desperation, and in belief of the system, they would skip the 3 payments, enter the modification program only to find that the promised modification didn’t come to fruition, and by then the back payments, interest and penalties had grown to a point where they could no longer justify keeping their home.  Hard working, tax paying people were left with little to no options.

Working with other like minded attorneys, individuals and organizations a new concept was developed to help those who couldn’t afford the exorbitant fees of the traditional law firm, and Stafne Law Advocacy & Consulting was born.

Meet the Team

Scott E. Stafne

Founder & CEO

Scott Erik Stafne is a third-generation lawyer. Mr. Stafne cares about the law, its process and its evolution.

He graduated summa cum laude from Depauw University and was awarded the Taylor Scholarship Award. Stafne graduated fourth in his class from the University of Iowa Law School in 1974, and was the recipient of the Phi Delta Phi scholarship award. He holds a Masters of Law degree in Law and Marine Affairs from the University of Washington. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa and the Order of the Coif.

He has litigated and lobbied on behalf of many clients and causes throughout his long career. For the most part, he has represented people; not corporations, and has been described as “the people’s lawyer”.

Stafne is not without his critics. Washington’s attorney general Bob Ferguson filed a Civil Investigative Dispute against him and his former law firm, Stafne Trumbull PLLC, which the firm successfully responded to.  A federal judge has also threatened Stafne with sanctions for, among other things, filing a complaint which alleges that John Deere companies likely discriminated against his clients based on national origin.

While much of his law practice has been devoted to litigation, he has on many occasions been involved in more full spectrum advocacy. Full spectrum advocacy is not limited to legal representation before judges and courts, but involves engaging society morally, socially, politically, spiritually, and from a common sense perspective to facilitate a change.

Avery Hufford

Legal Assistant and Advocate

(Bio to come)

Pam Miller

Paralegal & Advocate

Retired after a 30 year career in public service.  Her experience lies in land use; government regulation; and expertise in the public records act (RCW 42.56).  She also lends her talents to the Garden Alliance, she is one of the founding Directors and has successfully assisted individuals in obtaining their SSI and VA benefits, helping them through the application process and completing necessary forms.


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