Free Resources

Where do I start?  That is the most frequently asked question when confronted with a problem.  When it comes to legal matters or trying to resolve an issue with a government agency the task can be daunting even if you are using Google as your friend.  Don’t be intimidated.  It is important that you do some research so that you understand the laws and the processes involved.  After you have done that, you can decide what your next steps should be.  Educating yourself will only benefit you in the long run and help you to make informed decisions.

Whether you decide to represent yourself in court or  just want to learn more about adopted laws and regulations, this is a good first step in that journey.  Please remember though, that this is only one of many resources and should not to be construed as an all inclusive list, but it will give you a start.


Court Rules    Rules for most all courts in Washington                                           Washington State Court Directory    A good place to go to locate your court

Common Legal Definitions      List of most used legal terms                               Search Washington State Case Records      You can search for cases here

Introduction to Small Claims Court     A good place to start and learn                   Find your Court Date – Washington State      Court dates posted here

Notice of Court Closures   Find out if the court is open                                                       Washington State Law Library   A good source of information

Washington State Court Forms    Common forms in word and .pdf format               Google Scholar      A free resource to search for cases and citations

 Washington State Constitution                                                                                                   Washington State Public Law and Justice Computer Center

Laws – State, County and City