Why do we need alternatives to the standard law firm?

More and more people are finding that when they need legal help or advice – or they think they do, they are confronted with the realization that those services are beyond their economic reach.  In addition to that, they find that many firms practice “cookie cutter” representation.  If your situation is unique or more complicated than most the costs skyrocket.  Many times people abandon their rights and walk away from valid legal claims merely because they simply cannot afford it.  Others have decided to pursue the matter themselves and enter the world of Pro se litigation – only to find that the “system” isn’t an easy one to maneuver and they are confronted with the difficulties of trying to find the information they need in order to represent themselves.  An underground cottage industry has even cropped up with non-lawyers taking on the task of writing briefs and motions for the pro se litigant even though they don’t have a license to practice law.

Our Story

Stafne Law Firm was born and has watched the evolution of the practice of law and the changes in our judicial system.  More and more it became evident that the odds were being stacked against the average person and that those entities who have power and money were given an advantage, which was exacerbated by the economic crash of 2008 and the foreclosure crisis which led to millions of people being ejected from their homes by corrupt banks and their lawyers.

Hard working people found that the programs put in to place to “help” them actually accelerated, in many cases, the taking of their homes.  Seeking relief they would contact their lenders only to be told that until they missed 3 payments they couldn’t help them.  In desperation, and in the belief of the system, they would skip the 3 payments, enter the modification program only to find that the promised modification didn’t come to fruition, and by then the back payments, including interest and penalties, had grown to a point where they could no longer justify keeping their home.  Hard working, tax paying people were left with little to no options, abused by the legal system that was supposed to protect their right, and homeless due to a corrupted system that favors the powerful and wealthy.

Working with other like-minded attorneys, individuals, organizations and advocates, a new concept was developed to help those who couldn’t afford the exorbitant fees of the traditional law firm, and Stafne Law Advocacy & Consulting (SLAC) was born.  We have changed our focus to be an advocate for those with disabilities; to help guide and inform those who are representing themselves pro se, and to take on those cases that may have a significant legal impact that will benefit us all.

We have a team approach to meeting your needs, and as such we have assembled a group of individuals, some of which do not work for SLAC but are like-minded in their desire help you succeed.