Do you need advice?  Do you need to talk to an attorney?  An Advocate?  Do you have a disability and feel the court is not going to treat you well?  Or, are you wondering about how to approach a problem?

We Can Help. . .

Consultations aren’t one size fits all, so we have some options for you. . take a look at our offerings and select one that fits YOUR needs!

We offer both CONSULTATIONS and REVIEW MEETINGS.  What is the difference you ask?

The CONSULTATION  is your opportunity to meet with one of our staff to discuss your issue and help you determine a course of action.  We have traditional Attorney consultations as well as consultations with other staff members depending upon your needs.  These are not intended to provide an in depth analysis of your specific matter,  as it would be impossible to fully assess a matter or answer all your questions within the time frame allotted. In addition, these consultations are not designed for document review and are provide  to give you information based upon the information you have provided and the discussion at the meeting.  (You are limited to a maximum of 5 pages if you submit any documents).

A REVIEW MEETING is a more in depth look at your specific matter or issue.  We review your documents including any documents recorded with the Auditor or Filed with the Clerk.  We may research laws and regulations that pertain to your issue, and upon completion, we will schedule a meeting with you to talk specifically about your situation and potential courses of action.  The meeting will generally take about an hour to go over what we have reviewed and what was discovered.


Consultations vary in price depending upon whom the consultation is with and they range from $50.00 to $300.00 dollars.

The Review Meeting cost will also vary from $150.00 if you work with an Advocate to $900.00 if you schedule with an Attorney.


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Overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?

We can help you get on track  . . . .

We also offer affordable review and research services.  Do you have lots of documentation but there is no organization or order to it?  Are you unsure if what you have actually documents what you think it does?  Are you looking for information but are unsure how to acquire it?  We offer research and review services to help you get on track and to identify potential areas of concern.  These services are provided by our paralegal and advocate staff to help keep it affordable for you.  We can tailor a package to fit your budget and needs.

Contact us to discuss what your needs are and the pricing.  We offer both hourly and package rates.

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