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Attorney Consultation.  If you are looking for a consultation with an attorney, look no further. Our consultations are designed so you can discuss your particular issue or matter with an attorney at an affordable price.  We offer consultations both in person and over the phone to fit your schedule.

These consultations are not intended to be a thorough analysis of your case and does not include a review of documentation, however, you may submit up to  5 documents if you have specific questions about those documents.  It is recommended that you also prepare an outline or list of questions in order to use your time efficiently.  1 hour = $300.00   or   1/2 hour = $150.00

Paralegal Consultation.  A paralegal can assist you by providing lots of information if you are not sure yet what some of your options may be.  They help point you in the right direction if you are unsure as to how and where you can obtain information you are seeking; they can assist you with identifying possible rules and regulations that may pertain to your situation; they can assist you with developing correspondence and help you to evaluate whether or not you should seek legal counsel.  Sometimes you are simply seeking to determine if you have options and if so what they may be.  A consultation with a Paralegal is sometimes a good first step in seeking a possible solution to your situation.  Whether its an employment situation; a dispute with another party or if your having difficulty with a government agency, you can request a consultation with a Paralegal to discuss your situation.  1 hour consultation = $100.00

ADA Advocate Consultation.  These advocates are essential for anyone who has a disability and is facing the judicial system.  You have rights, even in court, through the Americans With Disabilities Act and its amendments, and these ADA Advocates can assist you with ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.  1 hour consultation = $85.00

Advocate Consultation.  Advocates are those who can assist you with information in many areas including courts; government agencies; they can help you identify necessary processes or procedures; how to handle a dispute you may have with a company; they also can help you to engage in a process or even determining what regulations may apply to a particular situation.  Advocates cover a wide range of topics and can provide you with lots of information and guidance.  1 hour consultation = $50.00

Please note that Paralegals, ADA Advocates and Advocates are not Attorneys – and as such they cannot give legal advice.  They can however, provide you with lots of information, possible options and may refer you to an attorney.

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