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Here are a few of the services we offer - If you don't see what you need give us a call !
ADA Advocacy

If you have a disability, either visible or invisible, you are entitled to have an Advocate with you in court. We can help you get your own advocate and walk you through the process.

Products & Services

Our website provides you the opportunity to create some of your own legal documents. If you don’t find what you need, simply give us a call and we will be glad to help you

Attorney Consultations

Need to speak with an attorney? You can use our website to get one scheduled. We offer hour and 1/2 hour consultations. Use the Services button on the main menu above to get started.

Pro Se Resources

Can’t afford the cost of an Attorney and want to represent yourself? Not sure where to start? Or maybe you want to find out more about the laws affecting you. Check out our Pro Se section to learn more.

Consultations (Non-Attorney)

We offer a wide variety of consultations to assist you in making the best decisions for your and your loved ones. Whether you are having difficulty with a government agency, or an employer, or you have an issue you are not sure how to approach – you can have a consultation with one of our members who can provide you with information and suggestions. Give us a call to find out more.


Do you have an issue you are passionate about? Are you trying to make a difference in your community? We offer full spectrum advocacy which is an integration of strategies, methods and actions to achieve social, political and economic justice for individuals, communities and organizations. Full spectrum advocacy acknowledges that legal advocacy in courts is often the least effective route to secure fair enforcement of laws and/or obtain justice.

Free Resources

We are building a library of free resources for everyone to use. Check back often to see what’s new

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