It is important for all of us to know what is going on in our communities, and to be informed when there are important court cases or decisions that affect our lives.  Here we will be posting actual briefs from cases for you to read and judge for yourself the impact.  All of these court documents are public information that you can obtain from the court directly.  We have just chosen to share some that we believe are important, and have placed them here for you to read and share.

We will be adding cases from time to time – and they will be arranged topically – simply click on the blue title hyperlink to go to that page.

Citizens for Fair Representation

How may people should a Representative or Senator represent before they are no longer the “voice” of the people?

Article III and Due Process

Should “retired” Federal Judges be allowed to “volunteer”?


Interesting foreclosure case that also includes ADA accommodation issues.


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company – OR – Deutsche Bank National Trust, Company?  Typographical error . .  or is it a separate entity?